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  • Single head manipulator
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  • Product Feature

  • The auto transmitting device,Saving a lot of manpower and resources, Workable on operating 20-30 machines by only one person.
  • Centralized positioning tooling fixiture,Ensure the higher accuracy positioning.
  • centralized positioning tooling fixiture,Four-sided positioning , Two-sided positioning,Two-sided elastic auxiliary positioning
  • The tools lifetime alarms. less defective.
  • Processing quantity prompt, easy to get the processing statistics,less administrative cost.
  • Humanized operating display, Get started quickly, more convenient for the operator.

    Optional device

  • Optional automatic tool changer model.
  • Optional pipeline transmit model.
  • Optional automatic decoiler feeding model

     Model  KX400J
     X、Y、Zaxis working positioning accuracy  03008/300mm
     X、Y、Zaxis repeat positioning accuracy  0.008mm
     X、Y、Zaxis working area  400*400*100mm
     Processing size  400*400
     Working table size  520*450mm
     Max working weight  120kg
     Spindle speed  10000-60000rpm(   62)
     Spindle power  1.2KW
     Max operating speed  12m/min
     Max working speed  9m/min 
     Control system  DAYUCNC
     Driver system  Panasonic servo
     Exchaged manipulator time  3-5 seconds
     Feeding quantity  500-100pcs
     Working voltage  AC 220V/50Hz
     Power rating  5KW
     Air pressure and flow rate  0.6MPa,0.03m3/min
     Vacuum pressure and flow rate  (-0.06MPa--0.08MPa),0.01m3/min
     Weight   1600KG
     Measurement   1760*1480*1660mm


    Patent technology

  • Adopt two cylinders model, one material taking, one stand by emptying, which largely save the time of material taking and greatly promote the efficiency.
  • Centralized positioning tooling fixiture ,ensures the processing accuracy .