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  • Cover glass single head carved machine
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  • Product Feature

  • Equipped with multi-array vacuum fixture,cycling processing,Non-stop feeding and discharging the material, greatly improves the work efficiency .
  • Adpot imported High-precision screw,guide rail,higher precision engine bed.
  • Adopt 2 thrust bearings fixing device for the ends of screw,greatly enhance the engine bed lifetime.
  • Control cabinet adopted industrial air conditioner convective circle System,omniseal, stable and durable electric property.

    special configurations

  • Super power cooling pump,ensures the better cooling efficiency for the grinder tools, Un-easy sand collapse,longevity grinding tools.
  • Annular 16 nozzles,with up and down two-layers, crossover structure,ensures water is sprayed 360 .Un-easy breakage during the glass processing ,longevity grinding tools.
  • Equipped with water cannons and air gun, more convenient and humanized for cleaning machine and production.
  • Large tank capacity,Adpot multilayer filtration system,Effective filtering grinding powder,avoid the glass surface scratch.

      Model  KX400B  KX600B
      X、Y、Zaxis working positioning accuracy  0.008/300mm
     X、Y、Zaxis repeat positioning accuracy  0.008mm
     X、Y、Zaxis working area  400*400*100mm  600*500*100mm
     Processing size  400*400  600*500
     Working table size  520*450mm  650*550mm
     Max working weight  120kg
     Spindle speed  10000-60000rpm( 62)
     Spindle power   1.2KW
     Max operation speed  12m/min
     Max working speed  9m/mm
     Control system  DAYUCNC
     Driver systme   Panasonic servo
     Working voltage  AC 220V/50Hz
     Power rating  5KW
     Air pressure and flow rate  0.6MPa,0.03m3/min
     Vacuum pressure and flow rate   (--0.06MPa--0.08MPa) 0.01m3/min
     Weight     2000KG
     Measurement     2000*1480*1680mm